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Start trading automatically 24/7. Features + optimized settings, 24/7
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Up to 98% Accuracy, in all Market Conditions

SIRR Scalper trading strategy is based on most successful trading methods. Users can set a variety of options to buy or sell automatically. To manage risk, users can set Auto Hedging and Trailing Stops. Users can also manually close trades, using SIRR Scalper algorithm to open trades.
This strategy has been tested on many different brokers, using different settings and in different market conditions.

Works with all Brokers


Pre-sets and Live Trading Profiles included

A starter kit with a kit of pre-sets and live trading profiles is included in the package + a complete manual about all the bot options for a easy setup

Pre-sets, Manual and starter kit - Download here

Why use SIRR Expert Advisor?

  • It took more than 4 years of hard development and testing

  • Great for novice traders as well as experienced traders

  • Low risk entries

  • Doesn't repaints

  • Additional indicators are not required

  • Its a trading strategy itself

  • It is perfect for scalping and swing trades

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Works in both trending and non trending markets

  • Push Notification and Email alerts

  • Easy, visual and effective

  • Gives you the ability to filter and further improve your trading strategies

  • Enhanced statistics calculation following the entry point, take profit and exit signal

  • Works in all symbols and all timeframes

  • Fully compatible with PipFinite PRO and Scalping Indicator PRO .


  • EA will work LIVE with PipFinite if you purchased the indicator: PipFinite Trend Pro (not mandatory)

  • EA will work LIVE with Scalping Indicator Pro if you purchased the indicator: Scalping Indicator Pro (not mandatory)

  • If you haven't purchased PipFinite Trend PRO MT4 or the Scalping Indicator Pro, you can still backtest the EA by downloading the "Free Demo" of the indicators or using the internal SIRR indicator

  • Please see the screenshots to understand how to enable the indicators

  • EA Does NOT use the standard Stoploss but Smart live stops and/or SmartHedging

  • The EA can be easly intregrated with like calendar news, economic events, trends etc

Market watch (based on live news and market data)

  • Calendar news & impacts

  • Breaking news

  • Investors sentiment

  • Put/Call

  • Bearish/Bullish

Chart filters (dynamically data evaluation)

  • ​Profit targets in % and USD

  • Bearish/Bullish

  • 2 trends cross-check on different timeframes

  • Volume & volatility development

  • Spread

  • Drawdown

  • Price change rate

  • MACD

  • Scalping

  • Supply & Demand

  • Support & Resistance

Equity management engine & wrong trades detection

  • ​Trailing stops is automatically activated to maximize profits when necessary

  • Positions will be modified according to the output of the above filters and market trends

  • S/L and T/P are dynamically defined and optimized to maximize the profit


  • Evaluation of the current account balance & equity versus risk

  • Lots calculation according to the market trends and news

Additional capabilities

  • Trading Range with Multi layer & Time-frame trend check - AI & Deep Learning

  • (only open trades if is the price is inside of a certain price range)

  • Market panic & stress detector (manages the capital by preventing losses when the market gets in panic)

  • WME: WrongTradesManagementEngine (low performance trades detection)

  • SmartOrderPrice (it waits for the target price, spread and fluctuations for opening a new order)

  • SmartOrderOpen (it waits for the right moment for opening a new order

  • SmartOrderUpdate (auto update TP/SL for low performance orders)

  • SmartOrderClose (many checks verifications before closing an order)

  • SmartHedging (auto open a hedging position if necessary to avoid the risk of ruin)

  • Smart use of stoploss on every trade

  • Very advanced SL-management

  • Spread filter to avoid trading during bad market conditions

  • Slippage control algorithm, to avoid bigger losses during heavy slippage

  • Fully automatic mode, with adjustable entries

  • Survives strict high quality backtests, with real variable spreads, commission and random slippage at 99% tickquality

  • Proven live results on "high balance" accounts and with several different brokers.​

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© SIRR Advanced Trend Scalper EA Pro

  1.  SIRR Scalper a software tool. We don’t manage your funds and we are not financial advisors.

  2.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.

  3.  Before making any investment decision, make sure to understand the risks involved and consult with a professional financial advisor.

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